CommuterBlogSliderSimply put, the daily trek from New Jersey to New York City blows… no matter what part of the Garden State you call home. As a weekday commuter you must be willing to give up your comfort, your sanity, and perhaps portions of your soul to travel across the Hudson into the city that never sleeps…or bathes…or shuts the hell up. But naturally, it’s worth it because we all love our “well-paying, self-fulfilling” jobs. Right?

Having said that, the venture over the river does offer certain perks, especially for a writer looking for some inspiration and an audience. You see, having recently received the gracious blessing of a day job, I now travel to New York City daily from my home in Montclair, and along my path I’ve found material that could fill a Tolstoy-sized novel, one littered with characters whom some might call … let’s say “interesting,” to spare some feelings.

So, because these people, these occurrences, are too good to keep to myself, it is my pleasure (and duty as a storyteller) to share them with you all here…



The Call that Saved My Day 
The Insanity of Tunnel Vision