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In Last LaughMStarsNews talks to our favorite comedians or funny people about some of the last experiences they’ve had over the years. For this installment, we welcome in comedian Jen Kirkman.

From looking at her resume, it seems as if there’s not much comedian Jen Kirkman can’t do. Let’s see: she’s thrived in the often-difficult world of stand up comedy, landed a solid writing gig on E!’sChelsea Latelysuccessfully started her I Seem Fun podcast, and even found a spot on theNew York Time Best Sellers list with her book I Can Barely Take Care Of MyselfObviously, despite the title, it looks as if she’s doing just fine.

So, Jen Kirkman, who/what/where/when was the…

MStarsNews: Last time you wore something you hated?
Jen Kirkman: A few weeks ago when I was on a show in L.A. I wore my mom’s old Peter Max (Google it young people) skirt. And although it’s awesome, a button popped. I also looked like a fortune teller.

MS: Last person to see you naked?
JK: Sadly, this woman at a salon who gave me a full body spray tan. And if you mean saw me naked in a love-making, sensual way, a male friend whose name will not be mentioned –– that way nobody gets mad.

MS: Last day job you had?
JK: I count being a writer on Chelsea Lately as a day job because I have to sit on my ass at a desk during the day but if by “day job” you mean a soul-sucking thing I do just for money because I don’t have the body to be a stripper … that would have to be working as a temp filing in a windowless room at a law firm in Los Angeles. I won’t tell you the year because it will make me look like a loser.

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