In Last LaughMStarsNews talks to our favorite comedians or funny people about some of the last experiences they’ve had over the years. For this installment, we welcome in comedian Carmen Lynch.

Not many comedians attempt to get into the FBI before taking to the stage, but Carmen Lynch sure did. And while her path eventually led her to comedy, the Clarice Starling of stand up has made quite a name for herself in the New York scene. She has been featured on The Late Show with David Letterman and stars in her own web series titled Apt. C 3And now, she sits down for the MStarsNews Last Laugh interview series.

So, Carmen Lynch, who/what/where/when was the…

MStarsNews: Last time you wore something you hated?
Carmen Lynch: I had to wear a dress with big flowers to an audition recently. Flowers belong in a garden. I looked like a tree in the spring.

MS: Last person to see you naked?
CL: He knows.

MS: Last day job you had?
CL: I worked for an insurance company in downtown NYC. Our entire department was laid off by our sister company in Texas, so basically, we were fired in a conference room by a phone on speaker.

MS: Last place you traveled to outside of the US?
CL: Spain, last Christmas. I visit my nieces as much as I can, but they’re not old enough to understand why I don’t just live there. When I leave for the airport they’re like, “Can you come back for lunch tomorrow?”

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