In Last LaughMStarsNews talks to our favorite comedians or funny people about some of the last experiences they’ve had over the years in various areas of their lives. To kick off our series, we welcome in comedian Jimmy Pardo for a speed round of Last Laugh.

Known from TBS’ CONAN and his award winning podcast Never Not Funnythe Chicago-born comic is often revered in the industry as being one of the fastest minds in comedy as well as a podcast pioneer, having begun Never Not Funny alongside co-host Matt Belknap back in 2006. Since its inception, the podcast has raised over $200,000 for the charity SmileTrain and paved the way for many other comics to start up their own shows. Pardo can also be seen on Nerdist’s Write Now and Team Coco’s Pardo Patrol.

So, Jimmy Pardo, who/what/where/when was the…

MStarsNews: Last time you wore something you hated?

Jimmy Pardo: I bought a new pair of shoes today. When I got home I absolutely hated them! I will be returning them tomorrow.

MS: Last person to see you naked?

JP: The person in the office building across from my hotel room after I walked out of the bathroom after a shower. It was awkward.

MS: Last day job you had?

JP: I worked for MCA Records as Sales Rep in the 80’s and quit in 1989.

MS: Last guilty pleasure you discovered?

JP: The TV show Nashville. I’m addicted to that show.

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