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At some point in time, television tossed away the good-hearted fun of shows such as Candid Camera and focused more so on pranks and tricks. Some would argue that such an act caused there to be a incredible disconnect between the at-home viewer and the television show itself. But now, truTV is attempting to bring back that feeling of awe with The Carbonaro Effect and magicianMichael Carbonaro.

The show, which premiered to outstanding numbers back in May, features Carbonaro as the host / magician who places himself in everyday situations with random, unsuspicious people and then performs baffling tricks for them right before their very eyes.

Carbonaro recently spoke with MStarz about the show, his love of both magic and improv, and how he’s hoping to bring back the feel of Candid Camera with his new show.

MStarsNews: The show puts an interesting spin on the whole idea of hidden camera shows. It’s very different from the Candid Camera‘s we’ve seen in the past. Were you a fan of those growing up?

Michael Carbonaro: Oh my gosh, yes! I might be Candid Camera‘s number one fan. What I loved about it, which I think we’re doing on this show, was the playful non-mean-spirited way it did a hidden camera show. Hidden camera shows took a turn and became just prank shows somewhere in time. What I loved about Allen Funt was the way it was really about watching yourself when you watched the show and how you’d react.

This show is a way to bring magic into a new light and watch the way we as people relate to magic. And the joy is not only in the voyeurism you get from a hidden camera show but also in the way we as human beings watch ourselves believe in the most impossible things.

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